Prince George’s County Executive Candidates’ Appointment Priorities

In the June 26 election, Prince George’s County will be selecting the person most likely to become our next County Executive. The Democratic primary has nine candidates, which will be winnowed down to one, to face the one Republican candidate and any third-party candidates who may be added to the November ballot.

As a grassroots organization focused on building parental and community engagement with Prince George’s County Public Schools, PGCABS does not endorse candidates, but we feel it is important to help the public learn how these candidates will approach their responsibility to shape the path forward for PGCPS and public education in our county through their appointments of PGCPS’s next CEO/superintendent and appointments to the Board of Education.

To this end, all ten current candidates were sent the following question:

What criteria will you use in filling the position of PGCPS CEO and the appointed positions on the Board of Education? Please be specific about what sort of people you will seek for these positions and whether or not you will replace the current board members.

The responses from Angela Alsobrooks, Billy Bridges, Donna Edwards, and Paul Monteiro are linked below, unedited except for light formatting adjustments. Sam Bogley replied with a biographical statement that did not address the question. Lewis Johnson, Michael Kennedy, C. Anthony Muse, and Tommie Thompson, as well as Republican candidate Jerry Mathis, did not reply to our request.

Candidates’ responses are linked below:


Read about the County Executive’s role in appointing a new CEO of schools:

With a New County Executive, What Comes Next for PGCPS?

One thought on “Prince George’s County Executive Candidates’ Appointment Priorities

  1. Rosalind Johnson says:

    Reading each “candidate’s” responseS only provided only a little information which does not SHOW their Full Knowledge of how this LARGE SCHOOL DISTRICT functions. As someone who has a long history with PGCPS, there are so many parts that must be understood and evaluated. YES, going back to an ALL ELECTED BOARD is important for everyone, but until HB1107 IS REPEALED, whoever is elected as the County Executive will have to manage with the “status quo” of this HYBRID BOARD. Many believe that a CEO/SUPERINTENDENT should have longevity in PGCPS, BUT, most do not understand that nationally, the average tenure of a CEO/SUPERINTENDENT in a large school district is 3-5 years even without the turmoil that PGCPS HAS EXPERIENCED. Maxwell stayed a little longer because he had no oversight from the Board of Education. HB 11107 ensured that Maxwell could not lose a Board Vote (2/3 required) along with “appointees” who held their RUBBER STAMP” SEATS because their votes were guaranteed.
    None of the CE candidates showed that they completely understood. It will take YEARS to settle the fractures of PGCPS AND A NEW Superintendent will face “nearly insurmountable odds” to be successful. MY HEART cries.


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