Donna Edwards Discusses Appointment Priorities for Schools CEO and Board of Education


Photo credit: Donna Edwards

In advance of the June 26 election primary election, Prince George’s County Advocates for Better Schools (PGCABS) sent the following question to all ten County Executive candidates:

What criteria will you use in filling the position of PGCPS CEO and the appointed positions on the Board of Education? Please be specific about what sort of people you will seek for these positions and whether or not you will replace the current board members.

Here is the response from Donna Edwards (Dem):

Some say that it doesn’t matter whether the board is elected, appointed or a hybrid. I disagree. It matters to those who work in the system and those who are affected by the system. We need to restore the voice of the voter when it comes to our School Board. We should establish criteria for board service. I have served on numerous national boards and on boards in higher education. I have never served on a board that does not have criteria for service and a description of the time and responsibility expected in service.

I would set up a process that includes current elected school board members, educators and parents to solicit and interview candidates for appointed positions. I would make my appointments with recommendations made through this process for all vacancies. I support enabling the board to select its own chair among the members. If we continue with the current CEO-CE structure, I will ensure that we have a CEO who has the confidence of parents, educators and taxpayers. As the County Executive, I would devote my attention to requiring the budget restructuring that I described above and have regular reporting requirements from the CEO to me and to the School Board, which would include policy and budget review. I would be a strong advocate within our delegation to restore an elected school board.

Search criteria for a CEO would include candidates with experience in:

  • K–12 teaching
  • Managing large scale organizations
  • Education public policy
  • Fiscal oversight of a multimillion dollar budgets

The one I select from among the three Superintendent nominees will then be part of a Town Hall Tour (in North, Central and South County) to hear public concerns and demonstrate the leadership and vision necessary to unite all stakeholders in common purpose.

Responses from other candidates:

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