Notes on the February 1 Board of Education Meeting

by Nichelle Mandjilla

To view the agenda for the meeting, go here.

Public Session

 2.01, 2.02  Board Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

Led By Amanya Paige, Student Member

2.03 Roll Call


Segun C. Eubanks, Ed.D, Board Chair/Appointed Member
Carolyn M. Boston, Vice Chair/District 6 Member
Lupi Quinteros-Grady, District 2 Member
K. Alexander Wallace, District 7 Member
Sonya Williams, District 9 Member
Raaheela Ahmed, District 5 Member
Curtis Valentine, M.P.P., Appointed Member
Donna Wiseman, Ph.D, Appointed Member
Amanya Paige, Student Member
Chief Executive Officer Kevin M. Maxwell, Ph.D.

*David Murray, District 1 Member, Dinora A. Hernandez, District 3 Member and Mary Kingston Roche, Appointed Member were not in attendance.

* Edward Burroughs III, District 8 Member and Patricia Eubanks, District 4 Member arrived at a later time, after meeting had been called to order.

 2.04 Adoption of the Agenda: February 1, 2018 Board Meeting

Chair Eubanks moved to adopt agenda. Motion was seconded.

Motion carried unanimously to adopt agenda

2.05 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes: November 9, 2017 Board Meeting and December 19, 2017 Special Board Meeting

Chair Eubanks moved to approve meeting minutes. Motion was seconded.

Motion carried unanimously to approve meeting minutes.

2.06 News Break “Green to the Gills”

Highlighted Maryland Department of Natural Resources “Sunfish & Students” Program. The program is in its 4th year, and active in 90 Prince Georges schools. The goal of the program is to teach student aquarium maintenance, animal husbandry and ways to keep fish alive. Students complete journals with diagrams and drawings, often in Spanish. Students, such as those at a Capital Height elementary school who were interview and observed in this video, adamantly take on the responsibility of caring for fish, like the Blue Gill, until they are released into local waterways in the Spring.

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