What Went Right on the First Day of School

Several Prince George’s County parents have shared with us what made their child’s first day of school successful.


  • I appreciate how organized things were the first day — from the kindergarten teacher explaining exactly how things should go, via her letter to parents, to the school sending home everything we needed to know for those first couple of weeks. I was really impressed at how clearly things were laid out for us as a new family at the school.
  • My kids were so nervous returning to school. What made their day was seeing their teachers from last year, who made a point of smiling, waving, and asking about their summers. It was a simple thing, but it really made them feel at home and welcome!
  • Our son started high school this year. The summer “bridge program” offered by his high school provided an excellent orientation to the new school and made the transition from middle school much easier.
  • My son enjoyed the get-to-know-you activity that his third grade teacher organized for the class on the first day.
  • It was lovely to see so many teachers outside the school helping to direct traffic and welcome the children as we arrived on the first morning. And as soon as I walked into my second-grader’s new classroom I could see how well-prepared and well-organized her teacher was because of all the lovely personalized touches for each student. They really made the kids feel as if they belonged, and filled me with confidence for a great year ahead.
  • We have been working to get a more appropriate schedule for our middle school daughter. Even though the situation has been stressful, I’ve been really grateful for the caring response and advocacy from the TAG coordinator at the school. Way to not be dismissive!

  • One of the teachers at my child’s elementary school is incredibly friendly. He’s been standing at the end of the sidewalk and welcoming kids as they arrive at school.
  • When I asked my third grader about the first day, she said her favorite thing was the writing assignment where the teacher asked them to write about things that make them happy, and she got to color the happy face with blue and yellow stripes. My 8th grader came home most excited about science, his favorite subject. He is eagerly anticipating the labs that the teacher discussed for chemistry and science.
  • I love the school calendar, which gives a birthday “shout out” to every student on their birthday.
  • Our oldest started 9th grade at Bowie High School this week.  This is a major transition for her after spending the past five years at a relatively small parochial school.  There are a couple of items that have gone pretty well so far.  We registered for classes in the middle of the summer and we are happy that the process was organized and all her preferences were granted. Also, I’ve heard several stories about problems with bus transportation in the county but I’m pleased that pick up and drop off has gone smoothly thus far. Honestly, this is a transition for the whole family. We will certainly encounter challenges along the way but I’m happy to report a couple of things that went well.
  • We are really excited and encouraged  by the new principal and vice principal at Dora Kennedy French Immersion. Last year had a bit of a rough transition and communication wasn’t great, but this year we have already received 3 letters from the principal since he was hired this summer and a meet and greet with both of them. M. Owono, the principal, is soft spoken but very enthusiastic about the program. Mme. Auguste is outgoing and energetic. We are very excited to see what they have to offer. Our three teachers this year (2 French, 1 English) all seem delightful too. It was so nice to have my girls come home excited (and no longer nervous!) after the first day. Looking forward to a great year!

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