Elections 2016: Ahmed, Landis, Burroughs, and Hinton Prevail in Districts 5 and 8

Residents of Prince George’s County Board of Education Districts 5 and 8 had the opportunity to vote for a school board candidate in the Maryland primary election on Tuesday. The two candidates with the most votes will go on to the general election in November.

Here are the Maryland State Board of Elections‘s unofficial results for the two school board races:

District 5:

*Raaheela Ahmed, 36.5%

*Cheryl Landis, 30.6%

Jeana Jacobs, 22.8%

Robert Johnson, 10.1%

District 8:

*Edward Burroughs, III, 59.9%

*Stephanie Hinton, 25.3%

Carlton C. Carter, 14.8%

(*) Candidates will appear on the ballot in the general election.

In all, there will be five school board races in the general election this November. Candidates from Board of Education Districts 1, 4, and 7 did not participate in the primary election, because there are only two candidates vying for each seat in those districts. See the candidate listing on the State Board of Elections site for the full list of candidates for each district.

School board seats in Districts 2, 3, 6, and 9 will be up for election in 2018. For a map of the Board of Education districts, click here.

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