Weekly News Roundup: Errors in Bus Drop-offs, SAT Scores Declining, “Less Testing, More Learning” Campaign

A seven-year-old student riding the bus was dropped off four miles from his home on Tuesday, according to his mother. This is just one of several troubling bus transportation incidents involving Prince George’s County students during the first week of school (NBC4 and WTOP). PGCPS later apologized for the error and released a video statement addressing concerns (NBC4).

Maryland SAT scores for graduating high school seniors have declined for the third year in a row. The average composite score for Maryland students (1552) is 28 points lower than the national average. ACT scores, on the other hand, increased for the third straight year. (Baltimore Sun)

The Maryland State Education Association has begun a campaign called, “Less Testing, More Learning” (MSEA). An MSEA-sponsored forum addressed concerns about the overuse of standardized testing in Maryland schools (Maryland Reporter).

A recent ruling in the Maryland Court of Appeals reduces the ability of Prince George’s County lawmakers to intervene in development decisions made by the county planning board. The ruling could make it easier for developers to build in the county. (Washington Post)

Two PGCPS employees were recently honored by the Bootsy Collins Foundation for their humanitarian efforts. The honorees are Cheryl Landis, Strategic Business Partnerships Specialist, and Moseley Fax, principal at Crossland High School. (PGCPS)

Some Prince George’s County residents are speaking out against a proposed power plant in the rural tier of the county. This would be the fifth power plant in a 15-mile radius. Many see the proliferation of power plants in Prince George’s as an environmental justice issue and an air quality concern, but the plants do have support among some residents and union members. (Washington Post)

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