The Evolving FY 2016 Budget: The Requested Budget is Not Fully Funded, So What Happens Now?

by Genevieve Demos Kelley

Confused about PGCPS’s evolving FY 2016 budget? Here’s a summary of the budget’s trajectory — and what happens next — with links to the relevant documents and news articles:

  • In March, County Executive Rushern Baker proposed a controversial 15.6% property tax increase, which would generate an additional $133 million for the school and allow the county to fully fund the Board of Education’s $1.93 billion requested budget. The proposal garnered little public support, and Baker later modified his proposal, asking for a $65 million increase in tax revenues.
  • In a budget work session on June 17, the Board of Education met with CEO Maxwell to discuss reconciliation of the FY 2016 budget. The County Council scaled back the school budget to $1.83 billion, roughly $97 million less than February’s requested budget and $6 million less than the CEO’s original proposed budget in December. Here is the PowerPoint presentation from that meeting. The Board of Education must adopt a final FY 2016 budget by June 30, reconciling the budget with approved funding.
  • The Board of Education is scheduled to adopt a reconciled budget for FY 2016 at their public meeting on June 25. Go to BoardDocs to find the agenda for the meeting. Click here for the Board Action Summary document regarding the reconciled budget.

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