Sound Off: Best and Worst of PGCPS’s Website

by Genevieve Demos Kelley

What are your favorite corners of the website? What do you find most frustrating? What links need to be updated? Tell us in the comments section below.

Just for fun, here is my personal “best and worst” list. The list reflects my own opinions and preferences and is not an official position of PGCABS.


  • Employee Directory. Not a list of employees, but a search bar that taps into an amazing data base. Type in the name of an employee and find his/her email, phone number, job location, official job title, and place in the PGCPS hierarchy (e.g. immediate supervisor).
  • Solicitations and Awards. Curious about which high school is getting a new barber and cosmetology classroom renovation, who’s doing the work, and how much it costs? This is the place to find answers about a wide range of contracts between PGCPS and outside firms. Major contracts awarded for things like construction and renovation, consulting services, equipment, and food purchases are listed here. (The answers, by the way, are Bladensburg HS, Rich Moe Enterprises, and about $521,000 initially, though the Board later voted to increase that amount.)

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