Board of Education Meeting Minutes Available Online

by Genevieve Demos Kelley

The online location for minutes of past Board of Education meetings isn’t exactly intuitive. Try scrolling through BoardDocs, or try entering the phrase “minutes of board of education meetings” into the search bar at (with or without specifying a meeting date), and see if you can figure out where to find them.

The minutes, however, are easily accessible if you know precisely where to look. Go to the Board of Education page, and open BoardDocs. Scroll through to find the next Board of Education meeting after the one that you’re interested in. Open the agenda for that meeting, and scroll through to find the item, “Approval of Board Meeting Minutes.” Click on the icon to open the document.

For example, find the minutes for the April 16, 2015 System Oversight Board Meeting by looking in the May 14 Board Meeting agenda.

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