Top Ten Reasons to Attend Back-to-School-Night

Lori Morrow wrote a previous version of this post for the Benjamin Tasker Parent Teacher Student Organization. We are publishing it here with permission.

Back-to-School Nights are coming up soon in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Here are the TOP TEN REASONS we think you should attend

  1. This is your night to MEET TEACHERS! Most of our middle school students have at least 7 teachers per semester. This is the best night to meet them all and find out their expectations for the year. Just keep in mind that this is not a time for conferences; your time with each class will be brief.
  1. This is also a good time to MEET ADMINISTRATORS and Support Staff throughout the night. It is always nice to put faces to the names of the people who can help you when you have questions and concerns at school.
  1. You get to VISIT CLASSROOMS (without having to embarrass your middle schooler!). Seeing the environment can help you appreciate how the school functions every day.
  1. Take advantage of this opportunity to MEET OTHER PARENTS. Middle School can be a challenge for all of us. It’s a great time to exchange contact information and increase your parent support network.
  1. Attending shows your CHILD that SCHOOL MATTERS TO YOU and that you want to be involved.
  1. Attending shows school STAFF that you want to PLAY AN ACTIVE ROLE in your child’s education.
  1. Find out about EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES that are coming up at school, including opportunities to volunteer.
  1. Drop off those BOX TOPS that you have been collecting all summer. Every dime counts!
  1. Show your teachers some love by bringing in extra lined paper, pencils, whiteboard markers, or Kleenex as a CLASSROOM DONATION.
  1. And above all, JOIN YOUR PTA, PTO, OR PTSO! Stay informed, add your support to our team of advocates, and know that your dues will support activities for our students and staff for the entire year.

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Weekly News Roundup: Back to School Edition

What’s New in PGCPS:  Immunization requirements, new school lunch prices, first day of classes, orientation dates, and more.  (PGCPS)

Donations Help Students and Teachers:  Donations of school supplies from local businesses help over 12,000 PGCPS students and teachers. (PGCPS)

PGCPS Gets Ready: Prince George’s County schools get ready for the new school year with plenty of changes and new opportunities.  (The Sentinel)

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Weekly News Roundup: Immunizations and Backpacks on Aug. 15, Hogan’s Charter School Plans

Prince George’s County’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative is sponsoring a “Back-to-School Jam” at the Langley Park Community Center on August 15, from 10 am to 1 pm. Free immunizations, backpacks, and school supplies will be offered to children present at the event. (Click here for the flier. Read more about immunizations at PGCPS’s immunizations webpage.)

Thousands of students and parents attended PGCPS’s Back-to-School Fair, held in Upper Marlboro on Saturday, August 8. Attendees were offered free immunizations and school supplies. (Read More: Washington Post, WTOP)

Principals, assistant principals, and new teachers of PGCPS are participating in summer programs. The two Summer Leadership Institutes (SLI) for principals and assistant principals, respectively, are themed, “Striving For Academic Excellence Through a Lens on Literacy.” The Professional Educator Induction Program (PEIP) provides pre-service training for new teachers. (Read More: PGCPS)

The Baltimore City Paper explores how Governor Hogan’s plan to bring new charter schools to Maryland and change charter school laws might impact kids. (Read More: Baltimore City Paper)

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