We believe:

  • Engagement and activism will lead to better schools.
  • Better schools will allow our community to flourish, and prepare our children for college, career, and citizenship.
  • Parents and teachers can and should help shape budget, policy, and curriculum decisions.
  • Our school system can be increasingly open and responsive.
  • A community that is informed, connected, and empowered can advocate for positive change.


Our efforts are threefold:

  • Inform. We use social media — and this blog — to gather and disseminate information about Prince George’s County Public Schools. We welcome your tips, ideas, and stories. Contact us if you are interested in contributing to our blog. Learn about how you can get involved with our group.
  • Connect. We want people who care about education in Prince George’s County to find each other. Visit our Connect page for links to advocacy groups, support groups, and other resources. Contact us for information about our own group meetings.
  • Empower. We want to empower parents and teachers with the information and support they need to become activists and advocates. Visit our Advocate page for information on whom to contact with concerns and how to navigate the school system. Contact us to let us know about your advocacy efforts.